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HD Streaming Media Player products - Roku Streaming Media Player

Roku streaming media players are one of the most popular products among all players. These players have the greatest market because of several reasons. Style, design, powerful software, variety of channels (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle), simplicity and reasonable price are just some of those reasons. In the following lines, you will learn everything about Roku products.

Roku 2 HD Streaming Player

HD Streaming Media Player products - Roku 2 HD Streaming Player with wirelessAmong streaming media players Roku 2 is very popular and receives some pretty good critics. According to satisfied customers using Roku products, this device offers everything you need and even more for an amazing price. There are over 600 channels including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle and there is also access to premium media service like HBO and EPIX.

Another amazing information detail about Roku 2 is its size. It is so small that can fit in your palm. Style and design are absolutely perfect. As far as the operative systems are concerned, Android and iOS are available. There is also built-in Wi-Fi.

You can connect this device to any TV and that is one great advantage. Not all of us have some fancy and expensive TV, but that isn’t a problem with Roku 2. It fits every TV. Setup is very easy. With this media player you will be able to watch and enjoy in all the movies and videos you want to see. Cable bills are too expensive. Instead you can get this awesome media player and even save some money.

Roku 2 LT Streaming Player

HD Streaming Media Player products - Roku LT Streaming PlayerThis is another great device from Roku product and it’s very similar to Roku 2. It is also very small with 750 channels and built-in Wi-Fi. Roku LT is very flexible and has easy setup and use. These two features are very important, because people love to be able to use something without too much trouble.

Another great option is that you can stream your music and photos from your smartphone or tablet to TV. So many great options in one little device. Of course there is also the price which is irresistible. You just have to choose which one of these devices is for you. Quality is guaranteed.

Roku 2 XD Streaming Player

HD Streaming Media Player products - Roku 2 XD Streaming PlayerThis model is a bit smaller than LT and HD models. You can watch your favorite movies in 1080p HD resolution. Maybe it is a mistake that there is only wireless connection, no Ethernet cable way. Very fast performance and of course over 600 channels. Design of menus is improved and style in general. Another thing that is missing is the rewind button which is present on the XS model.

In the end not all of the models can be the same. Everyone buys the one that is best suited for him/her.

Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player

Roku-2-XS-Streaming-PlayerThis little device is very popular. More and more people are deciding to buy it. Roku 2 XS you can literally put in a purse and go to your friend and make a movie night. It is very simple and small device with 500 channels. There is a rewind button which allows you to return and watch something that you missed. That is a great advantage of this model.

Among all those channels, there are plenty of those which are free. Roku 2 XS is suited for almost every TV. Important role for all the models has internet connection. Bad connection means bad stream, and contrary.

Roku 3 Streaming Player

HD Streaming Media Player products - Roku 3 Streaming PlayerThis model is the last one that was produced and already has a lot of exciting fans. Roku 3 is extremely fast and powerful with so many new features. This model is really improved in almost all aspects. There is dual-band wireless port and a resolution of 1080p HD. Instant replay button allows you to watch last seven seconds of the streamed video and audio. The audio sound quality is amazing and has no lags, the audio is buffered fast and is played in the best available quality.

New user interface allows you to easily navigate your favorite channels. None of the previous models had a remote with headphone audio jack. Roku 3 has even that amazing audio jack.

Other HD Streaming Media Players With Built-in Wi-Fi

HD streaming media player product with available wireless streamingOne of the things you need for streaming media player is internet connection. Good connection means good streaming. There are also media players with built-in Wi-Fi which is perfect if you don’t want to mess around with bunch of cables and of course you have Wi-Fi in your home. Here are some streaming media players with built-in Wi-Fi.

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

WD TV Live HD Streaming Media Player product with available wireless streaming

First on our list is this small, tiny and thin media player. It really doesn’t need a lot of space so it will fit perfectly anywhere you put it. Price is also solid and for that money you really get one quality product. You can stream all of your favorite programs with this functional media player. It has two USB ports, port for Ethernet, HDMI and AV. The WD TV Live is an compact device with 1080p video output quality. It is perfect for watching on HD TV. You have access to Hulu and Netflix, but unfortunately there is no access for Amazon and Vudu streaming media services.

This very functional media player has many pros such as price and quality, and very few cons. Highly recommended product which does its job perfectly.

KDLINKS HD720 Extreme FULL HD 1080P 3D Media Player with Internal HDD Bay

HD Streaming Media Player product - KDLINKS HD720 streaming product

This media player is set up for streaming in full HD 1080p and 3D. Setup and use are very simple. It plays MKV, WAV, RMVB, MP3 and almost every file format. HD720 supports 3D TV but you need the glasses for the complete satisfaction. It is also capable of playing a PAL DVD on an NTSC TV. The device has a hard drive inset, similar to computers, where you can store large amounts of different files. And the best thing about HD720 is that can play almost every file. This is its most commendable characteristic.

KDLINKS HD700 Media Player

HD Streaming Media Player product - KDLINKS HD700 streaming product with wireless

Here is another streaming media player with built-in Wi-Fi. One of the main features of this device is that supports You Tube, and that is pretty amazing. Imagine watching You Tube videos on your TV. It also supports 2D, 3D and 1080P ISO/VOB. There are 4 USB ports where you can store endless amounts of things you need. The HD700 can play almost every format including WMA, MP4, MKV, TP, etc. It isn’t compatible with PS3.

KDLINKS A100 Streaming HD TV Media Player

HD Streaming Media Player product - KDLINKS HD700 Android streaming product with wireless support

This one is for al those Android enthusiasts. The A100 supports You Tube and all Android applications and games. There are 3 USB ports and 1SD slot. You can also use your cell phone with android system as a remote control. Many say that the remote isn’t so good, but if you have adequate cell phone then there will be no problems. Netflix and XBMC are just some of the media service which KDLINKS A100 supports.


MiniXplus Smart Network TV Box Streaming Media Player

MiniXPlus is another device which supports Android OS. This means that you can control it via smartphone and iPhone, and also it can be controlled by mouse, keyboard and even by a game controller. One of the cons are that it is getting heated fast although it comes with a cooling stand.

Western Digital 1080p WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

HD streaming media player product - Western Digital 1080p Recertified WD TV Live Streaming Media PlayerThis device supports almost every file format including AVI, MP4, FLV, VOB, MKV, etc. The WD TV Live is pretty much similar to its predecessor known as the WD. The only differences are in colors and design, but the functions are almost the same. All those who have used the older WD version will definitely enjoy in this device. As it predecessor, Recertified WD TV Live has also reasonable price, good quality and solid functions.

RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player with 1080p HDMI Output

HD Streaming Media Player product - RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player with 1080p HDMI Output The RCA streaming media player is very easy to use, easy to setup and comes with a reasonable price. You can watch Netflix, Hulu plus and You Tube, including listening to Pandora Radio. But there is a catch. You have to pay membership to be able to watch anything via this device. One of the positive things is that has analog AV outputs which is suited for older TV’s.

RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player DSB772E with 1080p HDMI Output

HD Streaming Media Player product - RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player DSB772ERCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player DSB772E with 1080p HDMI Output is very similar to our previous wifi streaming media play. It has almost all the same features including which media services you can watch and how. Very cheap and it has a lot of problems with heat. It gets warmed really fast, and there is also a very bad remote control. All in all, if you want to buy media player go for a better one. Add some extra cash and buy one quality streaming media player since this one isn’t suited for those who want to watch various programs.

More HD Streaming Media Players

Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player

If you want four times better resolution then this model is for you. It is suited only for Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs. It is expensive and gives you unforgettable experience during watching your favorite movies. This is for all the true digital movie enthusiasts who enjoy in every pixel.

Micca EP600 G2-WLAN 1080P 3D Digital Media Player

This media player is for all those who enjoy in watching 3D movies. Micca EP600 will provide you an amazing experience. Supports almost all video, radio and audio formats.

Micca EP100 1080P Full-HD Digital Media Player

With resolution of 1080p, Micca EP100 is one solid and fast media player. It supports most of the format files and has a reasonable price. It is also equipped with fast LAN network streaming which makes this model faster and more powerful.

Micca MPLAY-HD 1080p Full-HD Digital Media Player For USB Drives and SD/SDHC

For all those who want to play videos from USB or SD card. With this model you can watch 3D movies, and the most positive thing is that it doesn’t get too hot.

Philips Smart Media Box Hd Media Player

Here is one product from Phillips. It is a simple and interesting model. You can watch You Tube videos and it is suitable for every TV.

WD TV Play Media Player

This device has built-in Wi-Fi and resolution of 1080p. Your smartphone can be used as remote control. WD TV Play has improved user interface, but some of the applications are missing. Easy to use and easy setup are one of the main features of all WD media players.

Netgear NeoTV Streaming Player NTV300

For this price you get a solid streaming media player with which you can watch various channels including You Tube videos. Android and iOS are available, including built-in Wi-Fi. Resolution of 1080p is another reason to get this practical and cheap device.

1080P HD USB HDMI SD/MMC Multi TV Media Player RMVB MKV

This small and light device is actually pretty good. Supports various format files, HDMI and has great price. You get a lot for little money.


If you have read all reviews and especially ours in detail, you will see a big difference between the need of the users. You need to know if you would like just to watch YouTube videos or watch a lot of the televisions corner or make a home theater. Information with which you need to be clear about is that it your business what you are doing home and you have the privacy and right to watch whatever you want, you just aren’t allowed to storage those things or show them in public.

Today you need to know just three things about the HD media streaming players:

  • - If you want high quality streaming, buy the Roku 3
  • - If you want quality, but don’t need the newest technique, buy the Roku 2 HD
  • - If you want much for low-cost, go with the Roku 2 LT

You see, everything is about the Roku brand and products, because they match the users needs. Their position on the market is becoming global. They are being sold in online stores like a car on the newest car show. They are not very “green” and they don’t show a high grade of security, but please take this info with you – you are just streaming video, you aren’t storing anything, so that is not so important.

It’s same as you could see a farm through your windows and you know that the cows smell bed, but you know your property rights and you know that the neighbor won’t send his cows into your garden. So stop worrying about such things and enjoy the personal apps on those devices, which are btw. stored on flash drives. This is no Windows operating system, so everything is easy and clear.

Today, most of the devices play flash and show their content, you just cant interact with them (like games), but you can play YouTube video channels easy. You can also replace parts of this devices very easy. Before making a decision what to buy, check the availability of the product, because the online shop electronics market in this sector is booming. Don’t hesitate to register or create an account and put accessories in the shopping cart, it will save you a lot of time later. For more news, feedback and best deals on these products visit

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Which HD streaming media player is your favorite?

I like the Roku 2 HD because it has such a nice design and its features are unbeatable!


Roku 3 is an amazing product! It's super fast and its dual-band wireless feature is amazing...


That would probably be the Roku 2 LT because it's a simple to use product that is fast and it has built-in wireless.


Roku 3 provides a great watching experience and it has everything that a streaming product needs. 1000+ channels, built-in wireless, 1080p resolution...